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Socially Responsive Advertising Campaign

The brief for this project was to develop a responsive advertising campaign by linking a product of choice with something that will serve a good cause and/or societal issue.


Inspired by social enterprise -
Who Gives a Crap, to combine their concept with raising awareness for a Bowel Cancer Australia during their cancer awareness month.

With the help of the already popular
branding of Who Gives a Crap (particularly with the millennials), the aim was to reach the target audience through collaboration with the brand, developing a campaign that delivers free test kits to homes that purchase Who Gives a Crap products.

The campaign was created with the aim to raise awareness and deliver information about bowel cancer via various mediums.

In the initial design thinking, I aimed to follow the cheeky humour that Who Gives A Crap brand already is known for and to create a campaign that
is light, easy to understand and would deliver some of the Bowel Cancer
Australia statistics in effect, yet humorous way.

Statistics show that older males are more likely to be diagnosed with
Bowl cancer than women. And as the stereotype goes ‘men don’t
like to talk about or follow up on this heavy stuff (but do like a good
poo joke)’.

To successfully meet the campaigns aim to create awareness of at-home test kits, I created a character of the campaign, I drew on humour in creating the poo emoji to draw in the target audience and represented the stark statistics in a light, but clever way.

I also created a tagline: “I do” and “We do” in response to Who Gives
a Crap. This project was designed as a full advertising campaign stretching across all different media, including Instagram take over by Bowel Cancer, print-ready posters to be advertised across the city, packaging for the toilet paper rolls and the tests, and also a mobile testing van, that would cruise around the city offering free tests.

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