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Marketing Manual & Graphic Design

TastyAz is a social enterprise that
specialise in catering services and
cooking classes, while employing young people with disabilities.

To meet the client’s desired
outcome and design needs, a Design
Proposal was created.
The proposal involved the production of a design tool kit to help develop and maintain better social media presence, that was user-friendly and easy to maintain without the need of an external graphic designer and associated cost.

The outcome was a fresh Instagram
layout design, a fully responsive WiX
website, a Canva account to maintain
and create future posts, as well as a
specifically tailored “Digital Marketing
Manual” - an online manual that provided detailed information on how to maintain the social media presence step by step.

​This work was a part of Research Project for my Master’s degree, ‘Marketing Greater Social Justice’.

More information on the research project can be found on:


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