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Commercial, Production & Editing

RMIT Pitch Night is a yearly event hosted by the final, third-year students, of RMIT’s renowned Bachelor of Communication (Advertising)


The theme of the 2017 Pitch Night was
Pre-Sale, Grab a Grad.

The mannequin is representing the graduate student The grAD (AD stands for Advertising) who is just chilling before being snapped by
the AgentC1 and AgentC2 (representing ad agency on the hunt for fresh graduates ).

As a part of a design and creative team, I contributed to the creation of the event, proofreading and print preparing the invitations,
look books, posters, banners as well as
organising and communicating with the printers.

The promotional video/commercial
that was used across a social media
channels prior to the event were directed, filmed and edited by me and it received a great response from some of the top advertising gurus who attended the event.

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